New York is …

  • a sparkling sidewalk
  • a wet newspaper on the subway floor
  • a pigeon testing a homeless man’s patience
  • a drunk girl ordering a pizza slice in stiletto heels
  • a Chinese immigrant with a Brooklyn accent
  • a man in a suit with a full brief case and a foot fetish
  • the scent of burning street meat
  • a broken escalator
  • a rat on the train tracks
  • the song of the Mister Softee truck
  • a drum circle on Wall Street
  • a celebrity in jeans and a baseball cap
  • a Greek cab driver
  • a flash mob public marriage proposal
  • a melted ice cream pint on a park bench
  • two hipsters watching each other read
  • a rotating postcard rack
  • a free comedy show
  • soap suds running down the gutter
  • no free refills

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