Alton, IL is …

  • an aging eagle
  • a river barge pushing through ice
  • a Bud Light bottle stuffed with cigarettes
  • a deck of nude playing cards in a bowling alley
  • a shuttered factory
  • a teenage goth walking home from school in big black pants
  • dollar store groceries
  • a drunken gambler cursing at his dice
  • a barmaid in a dive flashing for tips
  • a dusty hat rack in an antique shop
  • high school football on the radio
  • angry comments published in the newspaper
  • a jacked up truck covered in mud
  • an old man raking leaves into a burn pile
  • a handbell choir at a Christmas Eve service
  • a shitty Buick with a world class sound system
  • scratch-off ticket dust on a gas station counter
  • fireworks over the Mississippi
  • a redneck in a gay bar
  • the tallest man who ever lived

One thought on “Alton, IL is …

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