Queens, NY is …

  • a gas station that sells mangoes, baklava, and tandoori chicken20130828-114423.jpg
    Photo taken at 5 Pointz in LIC, Queens.
  • curse words in every world language
  • an elevated 7 train rumbling through the night
  • an old men smoking, talking shit, and playing cards in a park
  • $30 one hour massages
  • one skyscraper standing alone
  • a cab driver sleeping in his car
  • an empanada purchased from a street cart vendor
  • the cashier who shorts you because he’s too lazy to give change, and you can’t speak his language to argue
  • Midwestern expats in Irish pubs
  • a 99 cent store
  • a woman who makes a living selling pirated DVDs in restaurants and collecting recyclables from trash cans
  • a group of feral cats on a waterfront construction yard
  • a VHS tape on loop advertising for an eyebrow threading salon
  • fishing on the East River
  • a row of chop shops just outside the baseball stadium
  • a “sports bar” where hired women dance in bikinis
  • a warehouse that doubles as the world’s greatest street art canvas
  • two million people glad to live apart from the bustle of Manhattan
  • two million people who wished they could afford to live in Manhattan

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