Good poems usually don’t have …

  • the word “betwixt”
  • italics font
  • a British accent (when the writer isn’t British)
  • centering
  • swirling colors in the sky
  • twinkles, twinkling, etc.
  • multiple references to the sun, the moon, sunsets, moonlight
  • … not to mention shooting stars
  • accompanying pictures of nebulae
  • general ramblings about love
  • general ramblings about fate
  • an utter lack of imagery
  • no interest in wordplay
  • syntax twisted around in awkward ways in order to fit a certain meter or rhyme scheme
  • whispers
  • sighs
  • dreams
  • self-help advice, chicken soup for the soul, etc.
  • overly specific relationship details
  • a copyright symbol and name at the end of it

One thought on “Good poems usually don’t have …

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