A Great Poem

Betwixt the stars,
Among the swirling colors of the sky,
Churning like a Chicken Soup I offer to your soul,
A single twinkling twinkle shoots,
Like that day you made me shoot home from work early from the poker tournament my friends were having, remember, Kate?, and then when I left early even though I was ahead, forfeiting, because you kept telling me all the last night you weren’t going to put up with being late for your condescending sister’s big grad school party, and we didn’t even have sex because you said it was late and you wanted to feel refreshed for the next day and then after I got home duly early, I had to sit in the living room and watch TV for an hour and eight more minutes until you finished getting ready because you hadn’t even jumped in the shower yet, remember, Kate?
Whispers, sighs, and dreams,
To into my heart inhabit through,
Like the lift in my flat we took a lorry to,
A sunset full of moonlight all my fateful love for you.

© Copyright Jeshua Enriquez



4 thoughts on “A Great Poem

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