A Great Poem #2

In response to Jake’s poem, I’ve written one of my own.

“Quite right,” quoth I
Looking out from under
The brim of my shiny top hat
At the universe’s perfection:
The sky at sunset.
Reflections of the swirling pinks and yellows
Light up my twinkling eyes
And ease my indigestion.

I sighed at the world’s beauty
And whispered to myself a prayer
To see a shooting star tonight
Betwixt the beams of moonlight
Illuminating my dreams of you,

You fucking bitch who broke my heart,
I swear to god I will never
Let you stand me up at Red Lobster

Celestial whispers calm my weary soul
For in this moment the breeze blows my hair
And the angels in heaven let loose
Tears for my fate
They know like I know
Our love was meant to be
You beautiful
Bad taste in TV having

Who always took at least a half hour
To answer any of my texts
Even though that one time
I drove past your house
And saw that you were home
Probably watching Real Housewives
In your stupid dog slippers
Your car taunting me in the driveway.

I saw that you forgot to put up the sun shade
And I made a wish to Gaia —
The earth mother who birthed and nurtures us all
Who speaks through the hooting of snow owls
And the beautiful blur of hummingbird wings
And the sparkly clouds of cosmic dust
Who calls upon us to eat vegan and learn yoga —
That the seatbelt would get really hot
And burn you the next time you got in
Or at least make you feel

© Copyright Jeffrey Brandt 2013



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