The West Village Is …

  • live jazz in a basement


    Me pretending to play ping pong in Fat Cat, a fine West Village establishment.

  • a tour group looking at the outside of a restaurant
  • a tall, muscular black woman who happens to have a penis
  • a comedy club barker approaching you on the sidewalk
  • a chess hustler who goes by the name of Cornbread
  • smoking a cigarette on brownstone steps
  • a homeless leprechaun handyman
  • a middle aged man scoring weed on a park bench
  • a college girl learning to walk in stilettos on cobblestone streets
  • an artisanal pickle stand
  • a paperback you buy from a street salesman that falls apart on your ride home
  • a place to buy a $1 pizza slice or a $500 shirt
  • a German tourist who interrupts whatever you’re doing and asks you to take her picture with her camera which you accidentally drop
  • a law student lining up tequila shots
  • a basketball court where as much time is spent trash talking as ball playing
  • a fall breeze drifting down a tree lined street
  • a historic building turned into a CVS
  • a centimeter thick paint chip
  • a trumpeter wearing white New Balance shoes, black pants, and a pageboy cap
  • a neighborhood catering to artists and writers with rents no artist or writer can afford

Holla back, girl

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