Yelp Reviewing

imagesAs some of my friends and family members know, I’m an “Elite Yelper.”

Apparently that is something that happens when you spend enough time over the course of several months writing reviews about any place you can think to write about. It can be a great outlet to gush about places you love and rage about places you hate. Like all writing, it’s a form of therapy — or at the very least, a release. 

Anyhow, I got a friendly email reminder from Yelp HQ a couple days ago that I was slacking on my duties as an Elite member to write reviews, so I got to work tonight and have written ten new reviews in the last couple of hours. It was fun as usual, and now I have more reviews to look forward to reading at a later date. I have not been much for keeping a diary or journal since I graduated from elementary school, so I’m hoping that reading old Yelp reviews (as well as looking through my Facebook photo albums) can help take the place of that. I find that reading something that I wrote months or years ago puts me back in the state of mind I was and helps to remind me of other things I had almost forgotten.

In the spirit of clicking through memories from the recent past, I’m linking a selection of 15 Yelp reviews I’ve written for your enjoyment, in order of most recent to least recent. Some are from New York, some are from Illinois, and one is even from my trip to Philly. I’m not saying that’re anything special, but hell, what’s writing without an audience? Maybe they will inspire you to catalog your experiences on the site.

1. Raj’s Indian Kitchen in LIC, Queens– 2 stars, posted tonight

2. Queens & Paupers in LIC, Queens — 1 star, posted tonight

3. Court Square Diner in LIC, Queens– 5 stars, posted March 8, awarded Yelp Review Of The Day on July 14

4. McDonald’s in the West Village — 2 stars, posted March 4

5. Big Muddy Pub in Alton, IL — 1 star, posted February 21

6. Roper’s Regal Beagle in Godfrey, IL — 3 stars, posted February 20

7. University of Illinois in Champaign, IL — 5 stars, posted February 20

8. Second on Second Karaoke in the East Village — 4 stars, posted February 6

9. Dallas BBQ in Times Square – 1 star, posted February 1

10. Central Park — 5 stars, posted January 25

11. Little Purity Diner in Park Slope, Brooklyn — 4 stars, posted January 10

12. Standard Tap in Philadelphia — 2 stars, posted October 3, 2012

13. Al Naimat Restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens — 4 stars, posted June 12, 2012

14. Clarify Staffing in Midtown West — 4 stars, posted January 27, 2012

15. Thakali Kitchen in Jackson Heights, Queens — posted May 5, 2011, my first Yelp review, posted 2 days after I moved to NYC

Let me know your favorite review, or if you have any feedback for me


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