Blast From The Past Part 2: Three Poems

On Sunday I posted a short story from just a couple years ago, but on this edition of Blast From The Past, I’m going to dig a little deeper into my writing archives with a trio of poems I wrote in college. “I Resolve” should be from sophomore or junior year of college (sometime between 2006 and 2008), while the other two are from my senior year (08-09).

As always, any feedback or thoughts you may have appreciated.

“I Resolve”

To prickle you with frozen snot mustache.
To share the breath of rancid acid burps.
To hack up phlegm upon your wedding dress.
To feel your stomach churn with grubby hands.

To hate to hate your hate of loving me.
To learn to love your love of hating me.
To swallow words you could have should have ate.
To bear the weight and learn to masturbate.

“A Prying Eye”

You are the spotlight
mounted atop a tugboat
chiseling through two feet
of January ice—
swiveling left and right
like the eager head
of a bird foraging
for exposed worms
and loose twigs—
panning from east
to west bank
of the Mississippi River,
and you just so happen
to stop your darting vision
on a shadowed figure—
a brooding man,
still a boy, really,
a boy with a man’s scruffy
three-day beard,
puffing on a three-dollar
cigar, its lit tip tilted
toward the ground—
the boy really a broken
flower drooping at the neck,
unmoved by your hard stare.


“Halfstina of a Consumer Letdown”

I scrape angst from the lint
trap, swat at mayflies buzz
ing past my ear, plink quarter
s in the drier, inspect the state
of hopes ripped at tonight’s party.
Sweaty thoughts drip: rags on a cable.

My eyes wander to → squareheaded cable
newsmen gushing words valuable as lint-
filled wallets. Such-and-so Party
candidate’s seedy past incites buzz
: rabid pamphlets circulate every state!
Who’s to blame for poor economic quarter!

→ NBA Finals, second quarter
of Game One, brought to me by cable
TV! Loud ’n well-fed Charles Barkley: state
ly dressed goofball! → Bellybutton lint
bust of Jesus: bidding ends soon! → Buzz
Aldrin attends NBC Emmy party!

My throat fills with lint, inducing media buzz.
Wet dreams dry in dark quarters, attain a moldy state.
Televised spring break party chokes me with cable.

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