A Tribute to 5 Pointz

I’ve written about my Yelp reviewing on this blog before, and now seems like a good time to revisit that topic since one of my favorite New York attractions that I reviewed on Yelp, the graffiti mecca 5 Pointz in LIC, Queens, has been shutdown. I wrote a tribute to it that I would like to repost below but which you can also view here and upvote if you have a Yelp account.

l5 Pointz was a triumph in artistic achievement. Not only because many of the artworks on it were mind-bendingly creative, or because of the diversity of styles represented on the canvas of the building, but because it was an art space constantly in flux. A trip to 5 Pointz on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon was an opportunity to see creators at work, and not stuffy tie and jacket drawing room artists whose works make you yawn on your trip to the art museum, but real, unpretentious people making refreshing, alive art. And it wasn’t just cool. It was smart, too.

You could go to 5 Pointz every month and never get bored because there would always be something new, along with the old favorites. It was a meeting place for friends and families from all walks of life: from hip hop artists to hipsters and from Asian tourists to yuppie stroller couples, and everything in between.

I’m proud to say I was there for the final 5 Pointz rally when everyone came together full of hope and joy. The odds were against us, but there was so much momentum, so many people signing monument status forms, so many great guest speakers and performers. Then I was there again just a couple days later, in the bitter cold of a very sad night, when fans of this street art monument paid their respects to a bona fide NYC legend with a candelight vigil, and Meres cheered us up with projecting messages onto the wall he was no longer allowed to paint on.

I will never forget the wonder that was 5 Pointz, the hours of joy spent bringing my friends to see this place that made me proud to live in this borough of Queens, in this neighborhood of LIC. It was such a neat point-counterpoint day trip to go from MoMA PS1 to 5 Pointz, right across the street from each other.Even though years of fantastic works have been whitewashed over out of spite, I know I am not the only one who can say 5 Pointz has given me memories and experiences that can never be taken away by the money-grubbing landlords of the world who value dollars and development over art and people.


Holla back, girl

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