New Years Resolutions

I can’t remember the last time I actually made a New Years resolution. The concept of it is so of hollow and trite, and obviously people rarely act on their good intentions. But for reason or another, I’ve decided this year will be different. This year – 2014 – I will have resolutions.

What’s different this time? I think it stems from my inner guilt about not reading or writing enough. I buy books at a much faster clip than I read them, and I often find myself renewing library books twice only to get bored and not finish them. And while I think everyone has the right to put down a book they get bored of if you’re not hooked in the first 5 or 10 pages, I let myself do it more often than I should.

I also don’t write short stories nearly as often as I should or could. I don’t believe in making excuses when it comes to doing things you should do. So I won’t. If it’s important to you, you should make time for it.

And like reading, writing fiction is important to me. Very important. Part of my identity, even. I identify as a writer more than I identify as anything else. Yet I still struggle to make myself sit down and do the work that I enjoy. Hell, I struggle even to write a couple of blog posts each week. What is it that makes people like that, avoiding doing things they like because they are harder than watching TV or wasting time on Facebook and Twitter?

I can spend hours upon hours reading ads on Craigslist and fantasizing about moving into the ever elusive affordable studio or bedroom in an interesting, relatively clean and un-sketchy neighborhood, which will have a reasonable commute that I always hold out hope exists somewhere out there. I can do that, but I can’t open up a Word doc and start inventing a story, even though making up stories about people is second nature to me. I come up with a story for strangers I see every day.

And then I forget them and they disappear into the creativity abyss.

So here are my goals for 2014.

  • read 50 books
  • write 20 stories

Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. Those are great goals and I’m behind you 100%. Hadn’t you mentioned a while ago you were going to start The Novel this year too? I think that should be your third goal. Even if it’s crap, it must be a life-affirmingly great feeling to have a novel draft done somewhere. Those NaNoWriMo morons don’t deserve it. Theirs are ill-gotten gains.

  2. That would be an absurd goal to try to do a novel and a score of stories. Either my goal should be to write 20 short stories, or one novel. So I guess my goal will be to do either/or.

  3. Goodreads has an official 2014 Challenge you can join by setting a number of books you will read, and it will tell you if you’re on track, and see what your friends have read in theirs so far, etc

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