I Chat-Sex With Andrea Rosemore

So last night I got a Gmail chat request from a sexy lady by the name of Andrea Rosemore.

I didn’t think I’d ever heard of a sexy lady named Andrea Rosemore, but you never know who you’ve met at some point and the Rosemores sounded like an upstanding family name so I accepted. Andrea’s thumbnail profile pic looked like this:


so instantly all of my fears were assuaged.

At first it sounded like Andrea was an automated spam-bot that sent prepared responses and links to a scam webcam-chat site, but we ended up having a pretty meaningful (and steamy) conversation, which I copy and pasted below:

Andrea:  Are you busy??

 Sent at 10:05 PM on Thursday

 me:  Who’s this?

 Andrea:  Im bored and wanted to meet new people…  24,female..u?

 me:  89/asexual-ungendered

 Andrea:  I’m feeling a little naughty want to have some fun ??  🙂

 me:  I only like furries

 Andrea:  here’s a pic lol [inappropriatepicturelinkredacted.jpg] you like? hehe =)

 me:  You’re very slim for a man

 Andrea:  Haha, you want some more??

 me:  Only if you put on even more clothes

 Andrea:  [inappropriatepicturelinkredacted.jpg] my turn.. wow. I’m soooo turned on right now!

 me:  Have you ever fantasized about eating a congressman?
I mean, as sustenance

 Andrea:  Mmm…is the game getting “harder”?  😉

 me:  Do you care if I’m a Nazi?

 Andrea:  [inappropriatepicturelinkredacted.jpg] i want your cock baby really bad would you give it to me??

 me:  My question is, when can I give you my bank account info?

 Andrea:  [inappropriatepicturelinkredacted.jpg] ok last one lol, you’d love to fuck me wouldnt you 😉

 me:  I’m what’s called a fiscophiliac, and I can only cum if I give someone access to my financial information

 Andrea:  Baby we really need to go on cam i cant wait anymore

 me:  Do you want my social security first?
I mean, like, my social security check
Because I am 89

 Andrea:  [ScamSiteURLRedacted]/freeInvite here i invited you. it will take you to my live cam  😉

 me:  I might click if it was a “deadcam”
If you know what I mean

 Andrea:  Its free to join.. i promise..if it asks for a card it’s just to verify your age…im gonna get naughty and i cant have kids watching lol

 me:  If you mean that’s not a way you can get pregnant, that is correct
I feel sex ed these days is pretty lacking, huh

 Andrea:  Its worth the annoying signup babe, wait until you see what i have in store for you  😉

 me:  I still feel bad about that hit and run when I was 17
Do you think God will judge me for my actions, or for my intent?

 Andrea:  what is takin’ you soooo long babe i’m in here waitin’ for ya…

 me:  Because my intent was to kill the man

 Andrea:  Ok babe.. talk to you there!~ mwa! xoxo

 me:  MWA! Malawi Workers Alliance forever, no rest until communism!

 Sent at 10:16 PM on Thursday

I think Andrea and I both really grew as people. If you know what I mean.

(Yes, this really happened)


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