It’s been months since my last new blog post was published on The Midnight Diner. The last one was my piece on Pet Peeves from January 31. The dirty little secret about that post, and several of the ones before before it, is that they were actually written weeks before that. I loaded up several entries at one point early on in January so that I would get a break from my commitment to writing two blog posts each week.

I don’t like to be a guy who makes excuses about committing to a thing and not doing it. I’m a firm believer that if something is important to you, you can make the time to do it, and to not do so is lazy. But every now and then you just get tired of what you’re doing and you let laziness set in.

That happened to me with blogging. Part of it is that fellow writesman Jake is a very talented blog writer — much moreso than I am, which is discouraging when I’m trying to come up with an idea of a topic to write about. He is able to come up with thought-provoking, original content in blog form on a regular basis. He is about to write pieces on Things People Actually Care About — like education, modern young adulthood, story structure, and the downfalls of college creative writing programs — whereas my posts skew on the random musings side of the spectrum.

In my defense, Jake is unemployed and has plenty of time to write. But the truth is that blogging is just not that important to me. I enjoy doing it sometimes, but if I have an actual piece of fiction I could be working on, I’d rather be channeling all my creative energy toward that.

Which leads me to my next point. In my New Years Resolutions post, I announced my plan to read 50 books and write 20 short stories. At this point, neither of those looks to be a likely outcome. But a more important milestone for me is looking eminently doable; I have a lot of ideas and am already 6,500 words toward my goal: making 2014 the year I complete my first novel. My NaNoWriYe (like National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo, except it’s the better part of a year instead of a month), if you will.

My concept is to write a Choose Your Own Adventure-stylenovel for adults where depending on the choices you make for the character (it’s written in third person instead of second like the classic CYOA books (which I’m just beginning to read now), or the Give Yourself Goosebumps series (which I read and cherished in my childhood)), the story you enter will either be in the horror genre, sci-fi, crime thriller, or general fiction.

I don’t want to go too much into it — partly because I need to leave in a few minutes in order to get to a movie screening in SoHo — but mainly I just wanted to let the readers of this blog (all 5 or 6 of you) know that if you don’t see my writing two blog posts a week anymore, there’s finally a good reason for it.


8 thoughts on “NaNoWriYe

  1. I am terrible when it comes to setting goals and following through on them, mostly because I’ll find something that I’d rather do instead. But I figure that as long as I’m enjoying the thing that I am doing instead than not all is lost. I loved Goosebumps when I was younger! Such an engaging style of writing when it is pulled off properly. Best of luck on the novel.

  2. I appreciate all the compliments in here, friend. I have to say I enjoy your musings spectrum, and maybe if you have a good idea to muse on you can jump on and blog about it to make us lul. I agree the NaNoWriYe is the most important priority, though, and I propose we set a penalty of harakiri sepukku if either of us fails.

  3. I totally get it! I’m trying to write a bit more now, but I had months of gaps. I live you novel idea btw. I’m hoping to finish mine this year too, I started but couldn’t finish!

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