It’s been months since my last new blog post was published on The Midnight Diner. The last one was my piece on Pet Peeves from January 31. The dirty little secret about that post, and several of the ones before before it, is that they were actually written weeks before that. I loaded up several entries at one point early on in January so that I would get a break from my commitment to writing two blog posts each week. Continue reading


Pet Peeves

I love that the phrase “pet peeves” exists.

It’s affirming to know that because that phrase exists, we are all allowed to have things that we acknowledge we just don’t like, and if we’re skilled or persuasive, we can talk about our pet peeves without necessarily alienating people by making them think we’re whiny, bitter people. We can just use the phrase “pet peeves” and then have permission to proceed on a tirade.

Personally, I don’t know if I’m among the skilled and persuasive complainers, but because I’m a blog writer I’m empowered with the authority to present you with lists. The internet loves lists, and the internet loves to vent frustrations, and you, dear reader, are a part of the internet, right? Continue reading

Queens Writers: Submit Your Writing to Newtown Literary!

If you are a writer living in NYC’s borough of Queens, or are from Queens, or have lived in Queens, or have a polished piece of writing — be it fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, book review, or essay — that is in one way or another Queens-esque, (“celebrating a diversity of voices and experiences, especially those often not given space,” from the submission guidelines page) now is the time to submit to Queens’ first literary journal: Newtown Literary.

issue-3-coverThe deadline is February 28, so you’ve got a little time to submit, but don’t put it off long! Continue reading

Seeking a Roommate in LIC, Queens – rent $900/mo

Today I don’t have an edifying thought piece for you, a short story, or even a poem. No, this post is a shameless plug for the bedroom opening up in my apartment because my roommate is moving in with his girlfriend.

The rent is $900 in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens. All utilities and shared things (toilet paper, hand soap, etc.) included. Pictures and many more details are available at the Craigslist posting I put up this morning.

Yelp Reviewing

imagesAs some of my friends and family members know, I’m an “Elite Yelper.”

Apparently that is something that happens when you spend enough time over the course of several months writing reviews about any place you can think to write about. It can be a great outlet to gush about places you love and rage about places you hate. Like all writing, it’s a form of therapy — or at the very least, a release.  Continue reading