A College Admissions Essay from William Faulkner

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University of Mississippi
Name: Erma Mae Rodnick
Application Period: Fall 2013
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Written Recommendation Essay From: Mr. William Faulkner
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 I am Erma Mae and it is what is as I await for the thing that is, and now it is, and then it was, and if only you could know then you would know, you could do the thing for me which is the thing that you do and if you did it then all it would take is to have done it and you don’t even know it. The eyes of him spoke, who was my counselor, and her, with him, in the place where A-B-C wallpapers scrolled the fainting sense of pencil shavings in the day that they were wood and lumber and lead on the back of a well-worn hardworkin man who doesnt use apostrophes for either abbreviated colloquial apocopes or actual contractions, no he sure as shootin dont. Continue reading