The Most Valuable Things For Real-Life I Learned From Teaching


Part 1: The Importance of Framing

It seems unfair, especially for laconic introverted people (my favorite kind), but the attitude you use to present / convince / ask things is extremely important to how people respond to it. Even if you have the best, most brilliant – or necessary – ideas and plans, if you don’t use a little people-person enthusiasm, then nobody is going to listen to you or follow you. I know. People are stupid. But you’ve got to work with that. Continue reading

Phantom Humanity Syndrome


I want you to do a thought experiment with me.

I want you to imagine this: Imagine an island where, because of genetically inherited traits, an entire society of people has been born without arms. Always have been.

They’ve learned how to get along anyhow and live their lives, as humans will. And because this island is in a remote place where visitors are not welcome, no one on this island has ever seen a person with arms. Every human they’ve ever seen has been just like them. Do you have such a place visualized? Continue reading