Seeking a Roommate in LIC, Queens – rent $900/mo

Today I don’t have an edifying thought piece for you, a short story, or even a poem. No, this post is a shameless plug for the bedroom opening up in my apartment because my roommate is moving in with his girlfriend.

The rent is $900 in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens. All utilities and shared things (toilet paper, hand soap, etc.) included. Pictures and many more details are available at the Craigslist posting I put up this morning.

Yelp Reviewing

imagesAs some of my friends and family members know, I’m an “Elite Yelper.”

Apparently that is something that happens when you spend enough time over the course of several months writing reviews about any place you can think to write about. It can be a great outlet to gush about places you love and rage about places you hate. Like all writing, it’s a form of therapy — or at the very least, a release.¬† Continue reading

New York Cares volunteering Pt. 2


Picture unrelated.

Things have developed pretty quickly since I posted about my New York Cares volunteering orientation and first project¬†on September 6. It was actually just two weeks ago that I had the orientation, and already I’ve participated in six projects and put in an application to become a volunteer Team Leader (interviewing at NY Cares headquarters on Tuesday after work) so that I can head projects. I’ve decided I’m interested in projects pertaining to seniors. I do like volunteering with kids, but I seem to have a stronger connection to and more skill with seniors.

I’ll summarize the five projects I participated in since the one described on my last post so that people can get an idea of the range of things you can do.

Maintain Gantry Plaza State Park

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New York Cares volunteering

After a couple years in New York, I’ve somewhat settled into my life here. It took awhile to get there, but recently I realized I was in a place where I was comfortable and my basic needs were met and I was asking myself “OK, so what else is there?” And what else there is, I decided, is other people.

New-York-Cares-LogoThat’s where New York Cares came in. I asked my girlfriend Rachel if she knew of good volunteer organizations to look into, and she (despite not actually having done any volunteering through it yet) recommended New York Cares.

There’s an hour (more like 45 minute) orientation that everyone has to go to in order to sign up for New York Cares projects. I went to the one on Tuesday in their Financial District home office right after work.

The speaker was this pleasant middle aged guy, a bit on the short side, with a hairy face and pleated dress pants a little too baggy in the crotch, who talked about all the great volunteering experiences he has had. I found later on the website’s “honor roll” list that he has volunteered for more than a thousand projects. Just think of that. If each project were only an hour (which is highly unlikely), he’s spent more than 1000 hours of his life devoted to service. That’s more than 41 days’ worth of hours. And if the projects average out to two hours each, that’s 82 days of his life. Continue reading