Queens Writers: Submit Your Writing to Newtown Literary!

If you are a writer living in NYC’s borough of Queens, or are from Queens, or have lived in Queens, or have a polished piece of writing — be it fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, book review, or essay — that is in one way or another Queens-esque, (“celebrating a diversity of voices and experiences, especially those often not given space,” from the submission guidelines page) now is the time to submit to Queens’ first literary journal: Newtown Literary.

issue-3-coverThe deadline is February 28, so you’ve got a little time to submit, but don’t put it off long! Continue reading


A Tribute to 5 Pointz

I’ve written about my Yelp reviewing on this blog before, and now seems like a good time to revisit that topic since one of my favorite New York attractions that I reviewed on Yelp, the graffiti mecca 5 Pointz in LIC, Queens, has been shutdown. I wrote a tribute to it that I would like to repost below but which you can also view here and upvote if you have a Yelp account.

l5 Pointz was a triumph in artistic achievement. Not only because many of the artworks on it were mind-bendingly creative, or because of the diversity of styles represented on the canvas of the building, but because it was an art space constantly in flux. A trip to 5 Pointz on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon was an opportunity to see creators at work, and not stuffy tie and jacket drawing room artists whose works make you yawn on your trip to the art museum, but real, unpretentious people making refreshing, alive art. And it wasn’t just cool. It was smart, too. Continue reading