A Day of Lifetimes


I’ve noticed that a lot of people aren’t doing what they think they’re doing. What I mean is they think they’re heading in a certain direction – a goal, or a dream, or a lifestyle – but what they’re doing is actually not taking them in that direction at all.

The striking thing is when you know what you’re doing on a daily basis is not taking you where you say you’re going. But you keep on doing it anyway. I think there can be a lot of sadness in the space between who you are on a daily basis and who you want to be in your lifetime.

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Thought Experiment: A Computer Lab of Life


Okay, so imagine a vast computer lab, split into a lot of little cubicles where a lot of people are working on computers. As we walk up one row of these computer cubicles, you can look over and see what a handful of people are doing. One person is typing up an evocative chapter of a novel, on what seems to be reflections of past life and loss. Another person is forming a Craigslist search for hit men to murder somebody, with a side window in the background of bestiality porn. Another person is playing a Farm simulation game on Facebook, driving a little tractor around to plow a little imaginary pixel field.

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Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” Video as an Existential Literary Text

From the beginning of Patrice Wilson’s brilliant new ARK Studios endeavor, “Chinese Food” featuring rising star Alison Gold, a finely combined stew of themes and artistic considerations take center stage.

The film brings us the hero of a young girl (Gold) on the sidewalk of life, traipsing casually the traverse between her ending childhood’s curb and the coming trafficked roads of adult responsibility.


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Phantom Humanity Syndrome


I want you to do a thought experiment with me.

I want you to imagine this: Imagine an island where, because of genetically inherited traits, an entire society of people has been born without arms. Always have been.

They’ve learned how to get along anyhow and live their lives, as humans will. And because this island is in a remote place where visitors are not welcome, no one on this island has ever seen a person with arms. Every human they’ve ever seen has been just like them. Do you have such a place visualized? Continue reading