Queens Writers: Submit Your Writing to Newtown Literary!

If you are a writer living in NYC’s borough of Queens, or are from Queens, or have lived in Queens, or have a polished piece of writing — be it fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, book review, or essay — that is in one way or another Queens-esque, (“celebrating a diversity of voices and experiences, especially those often not given space,” from the submission guidelines page) now is the time to submit to Queens’ first literary journal: Newtown Literary.

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Blast From The Past Part 2: Three Poems

On Sunday I posted a short story from just a couple years ago, but on this edition of Blast From The Past, I’m going to dig a little deeper into my writing archives with a trio of poems I wrote in college. “I Resolve” should be from sophomore or junior year of college (sometime between 2006 and 2008), while the other two are from my senior year (08-09).

As always, any feedback or thoughts you may have appreciated.

“I Resolve”

To prickle you with frozen snot mustache.
To share the breath of rancid acid burps.
To hack up phlegm upon your wedding dress.
To feel your stomach churn with grubby hands.

To hate to hate your hate of loving me.
To learn to love your love of hating me.
To swallow words you could have should have ate.
To bear the weight and learn to masturbate.

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-ing / -er

Quivering pit-stained princes shimmer
Quickening thicker than a skim milk river
Sifting drivel through a quilt made thinner
Snipping quills for a roadkill dinner

Simmering pig lips quip beginners
Pickling kings pick pins together
Pimpling twins trade suede for leather
Simpering shills suck pills forever

Good poems usually don’t have …

  • the word “betwixt”
  • italics font
  • a British accent (when the writer isn’t British)
  • centering
  • swirling colors in the sky
  • twinkles, twinkling, etc.
  • multiple references to the sun, the moon, sunsets, moonlight
  • … not to mention shooting stars
  • accompanying pictures of nebulae
  • general ramblings about love
  • general ramblings about fate
  • an utter lack of imagery
  • no interest in wordplay
  • syntax twisted around in awkward ways in order to fit a certain meter or rhyme scheme
  • whispers
  • sighs
  • dreams
  • self-help advice, chicken soup for the soul, etc.
  • overly specific relationship details
  • a copyright symbol and name at the end of it